Alarms & Monitoring

Alarms & Monitoring

Security Man provide a wide range of Security Alarm Systems & Monitoring Solutions in the South West

The Reliable Security Products you need, at prices you can afford!

There’s no better feeling than having complete safety. Enjoy the freedom that security systems can provide you with expert installation and maintenance from Security Man. Our technicians in the South West can come to your home or office and provide advice on what system and products would benefit your property best.

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Alarm Systems

You can’t have eyes and ears everywhere around-the-clock. When you or your loved ones are not home or are asleep our trusted range of security alarm systems can keep intruders away and alert the proper authorities. At Security Man we care about the welfare of our customers and will provide everything needed to keep you safe.

It’s comforting to know you have full security. Protecting all corners of your home we have detection devices suited for doors, windows, garages and more. These sensitive and intuitive devices can easily detect movement and keep you alert and safe. We also have smoke detectors that are compatible with new and existing alarm systems to protect your home or business.

Alarm System Monitoring

With a Security Man monitored security system in your home you have security, convenience and peace of mind of knowing that if your alarm system is activated 24/7 it will be responded to by licensed Control Room operators trained to take appropriate action.

As well as alarm activations, your monitored security system will also advise the Control Room if one of the following occurs;

  • A smoke alarm connected to your security system is triggered
  • There is a mains power failure or your mains power is turned off
  • The back up battery in your alarm is low
  • The alarm system is being tampered with
  • The alarm system fails a self diagnostic check

A monitored security system keeps your family and friends safe by offering the option to have a security patrol officer attend to check the premises following an alarm activation.

Affordable rates, and no contracts to sign. No phone lines required and NBN compliant for most existing systems. Upgrade your existing system with a Permaconn GPRS to allow remote arm and disarm by mobile app from anywhere in the world.

NSN solosafe

Give your staff or loved ones the security they need by ensuring their safety wherever they are even while alone. The NSN solosafe personal safety device, specially designed for Lone Worker applications and independent active seniors.

  • Real time tracking and monitoring
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Water Resistant
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Light, compact attachable to keyring, belt or lanyard
  • Accurate GPS positioning fully integrated into ARM Security’s monitoring platform
  • Google Maps integration
  • Accelerated tracking on activation
  • GEO Fencing capabilities
  • Low Battery confirmation.